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Fortuna - 60x80 cm

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"Fortuna" is a powerfully evocative abstract painting, steeped in intrigue and mystery. Presented on a 60cm by 80cm canvas, this mixed media artwork acts as a bridge between the dreams of today and the sparkling faith of tomorrow.

The canvas is enveloped in a deep, black background that exudes a palpable sense of depth and unknown, evocative of the shadows and uncertainties of the present. Out of this profound darkness, bold swathes of red cut across the canvas. The red stands out starkly against the black, a symbol of fiery ambition, passion, and dreams that refuse to be swallowed by the dark.

Touches of yellow and viper green punctuate the canvas, their neon-like intensity suggesting sparks of hope and faith amidst the shadows. Like distant stars or the glimmering embers of a dream, these specks of light add a layer of complexity to the artwork, subtly illuminating the journey from dream to realization.

Shadowy forms can be discerned within the dark background, their hazy outlines hinting at the yet unrealized dreams and the shape of things to come. They instill a sense of anticipation, the thrill of potential waiting to be realized.

With its striking contrast of colors and textures, a visual embodiment of aspiration and faith against the backdrop of uncertainty is created. It echoes the human capacity for hope and the courage to dream even in darkness, reflecting the profound potential for transformation inherent in every dreamer's journey.

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