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Touché - 100x80 cm
Touché - 100x80 cm
Touché - 100x80 cm
Touché - 100x80 cm

Touché - 100x80 cm

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"Touché" is an abstract work of art that spills across a large 100cm by 80cm canvas, immersing the viewer in a dynamic play of colors. The artist's use of mixed media adds depth and texture, creating a palpable energy that radiates from the painting.

Bright, bold blues command the canvas, evoking feelings of depth and tranquillity, reminiscent of the vast expanse of a summer sky or the mesmerizing depth of a serene ocean. These blues are not alone, however; they interact with a dynamic array of light yellowish, reddish, and goldish hues, creating a dramatic spectacle of color.

The light yellow brings a hint of softness, a delicate balance to the commanding blues, like a gentle sunbeam piercing through azure skies. The reddish hues, on the other hand, introduce a contrasting warmth, evoking the fading light of a sunset or the first blush of dawn. Finally, the gold adds a luxurious sheen, a glint of opulence amongst the warm and cool tones, like a hidden treasure catching the sun's rays.

"Touché" captivates the eye with its abstract forms, their interaction forming a beautiful chaos that evokes a sense of continuous movement and dynamic energy. The vibrant display invites each viewer to experience a unique, emotional response, proving that, in abstract art, the viewer's interpretation is as vital as the artist's intention.

Delivered without frame.